Saturday, August 25, 2007

JDunn sets NEV Mile Record: 2:06:10

Jeremy Dunn prepares for the Mile Record Attempt with the help of Cambridge Bicycle teammates Roger Abrams and Erik Peterson.

(Londonderry, NH) Anticipation was high as Cambridge Bicycle rider Jeremy Dunn was the last competitor to make the attempt on the Mile Record at the New England Velodrome on Wednesday night. The previous night's record of 2:09:20 had already been shattered by several riders. The conditions were favorable as the heat was down and there was only a mild wind on the back straightaway. An opening lap of 28 seconds bode well for Dunn, but when lap two came in at 23.55 seconds we knew he had a chance. With teammates and crowd cheering him on, he finished the 5 lap effort of the 318m track in 2:06:10: The Mile Record was his!

BRC's Dan Butler (sporting his new Graeme Obree rear wheel) and Quad Cycles Christian Eager were both within a second of Dunn's time, with NorEast Cycling strongman Steven Gauthier just outside the top 3. Gauthier made up for it by winning both the 12 Lap Scratch Race and the Miss and Out later in the program.

Incidentally, Jeremy Dunn also held the mile record on a different kind of track: Collegiate Track and Field. Cambridge riders also did well in the B and C categories.
Check back as we are waiting for all the times from both nights to be posted. (CROTH REPORT OUT)


Tony Eberhardt said...

Jeremy Dunn is the man!! I believe his time would have been 1-2 seconds faster if he didn't have to go up and around that other rider he caught. I think his time will be closer to 2:00 flat next year. Nice job Jeremy!

nick said...

Way to go, Jeremy.