Friday, July 20, 2007

training training.

Hey Team.
Despite my defense of the points race this week, (thanks again Nick). I also lost a match sprint to nervous guy on tuesday night.

So I want to do some interval training to speed up my sprint next week, doing it with a group makes everyone feel more accountable and more likely to do the work and also keep me honest about the effort.

There's a workout i do with my rowers that i think adapts well to the track and has the same basic training goal.

3 or 4 sets of 250m sprints.
I propose finding a quiet street near the shop (sydney st area?) and marking off the distance. if a few people are interested we can run it like alley sprints. after you finish each one, ride around the block and get in line for another until you finish each set. take a break, start the next set. lather rinse repeat. proceed to nearest bar with tdf coverage when finished.

Monday night, 8pm?



nick said...

I'm in.

lauren said...

i'm in as well.

also, nervous guy is mark. mark is pretty alright, he's helped me out with some technique and been really friendly. although i second the sentiment about not liking to lose by a wheel to anyone.

Zack said...

I could use some sprint training too, Im so down.

Aaron W. said...

just wanted to thank Seth for getting Nick and myself out there in the rain to practice our sprints. Didn't feel it too much until we stopped, at which point I realized my legs felt like collapsing - good times!